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Please call me, Raul Novo, in order to set up an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION of your case. There is no obligation to make a payment for this free consultation. Whether you have been charged for driving without a license or driving while under the influence of alcohol, we can speak openly about your situation and you can decide if I'm the right lawyer for you.

I focus all of my work defending those who have been accused of driving related charges and criminal violations of the law. I will give you an honest opinion of your situation based on my many years of courtroom experience. There is no charge for my initial consultation. I offer free consultations because I believe that you will be confident about my abilities after speaking to me in person and getting an honest evaluation of your case. I've represented a variety of clients over the years, ranging from simple driving infractions to complicated drug trafficking conspiracy cases.

Call me now at 804-614-6920. This is my personal cell phone number so you know that when you call me, you will not have to leave a message with a secretary and wait for days before you speak to somebody. I'm ready to take your call and meet for your free consultation!